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Starting My Own Horse

Name:  Tequilla Sunrise

Age: 7                                   Born: April 14, 2004

Sex: Gelding                       Breed: Arabian

Color: Grey                          Height: 14 H



Sunny is a 6-year-old Arab Gelding that I have been training on my own.  He is not yet under saddle (also known as “not broken”…don’t like the term very much) and I have been struggling with how to approach this.  I considered sending him to someone and having them do it for me.  Paying someone to come to the barn and do it.  When I was considering these options I was thinking about my safety (only).  The more i worked and built a relationship with Sunny the less appealing those ideas became.  He is a sensitive horse that gets frustrated and a bit defiant when he is scared, unconfident, and uncertain.  Pushing him and ignoring all his signs have led us to the bad habit of rearing (this was all prior to clicker training).  I got advice from other horse people and trainers.  I was told to sell him, punish him, use contraptions to force him to stay down, lots of ideas none of which I would take.

Lucky for Sunny I found myself back at Canine University where I had

I have discovered Leslie Pavlich’s clicker training book Colt Starting the Natural Horse. I have decided to follow the book in hopes of getting Sunny ready to be ridden.  It will also give us a program to follow to get us there.

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